5th of August

My young student came this morning. She did 3 pieces of Bandana, (see children’s craft) one for her sis, another for her bro and last but not least herself. She had great fun playing with the primary colours, mixing and brushing away, grinning away, each time she got different colours! It took us like 40 mins to do all this. Next, I wanted her to finish her unfinished painting she did last Saturday. I wanted her to play with texture paints on the clouds, using palette knife, but ended up using fingers. Sue at this point is having too much fun and elation. I felt that to continue with this painting , may not give her full expression. When I suggested that she can have another new piece to fully express her present emotions, she gave me such wide grin. That is when I see how happy she is with all the mixing of colours, using her bare hands, forming different designs within minutes, asking for more colours and texture. Seeing the joy in this young artist’s face, filled me with much satisfaction and happiness!!

My only regrets is that I did not capture all these in pictures, now they can remain only as happy memories! Beneath her final finished painting, were many interesting expressions that expressed her freedom in art that I am very much inspired!!


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