9th of June

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8th of June

Hi there!! I have not been here for some time. Have been busy with some other matters or more important things in my life.

Anyway, something exciting happened.

2 weeks ago, a mother found my site and asked if I take 7 year olds for art class; these are what she said,

“I found your site and very interested in your background and impressed with your passion in art. I have a 7 year old daughter who has been very much into art, painting, drawing and hand crafting…”

Although I humbly told her that I have no children’s art class and no syllabus yet, she believes in me to bring her little girl for my class for assessment. So now I have started a children art class on every Sat morning, 9am to 10.15am, from 1 child, and expanding… Thanks!!!

It is great sharing art passion with others. Her testimonies are found in this blog:http://ameblo.jp/refit-healthy-life/